Colin Farrell Denies His Leaked Look as Penguin in The Batman

Colin Farrell, the star in Batman, denied his role as DC’s supervillain Penguin and he has not started filming till now. Actually, the film’s production initiated prior this month, and it only took a few to leak the set photos on the internet. In the set images, it is clear that Robert Pattinson is riding on a motorbike and there is a news media broadcasting van as well as Colin Farrell portrayed as Penguin aka Oswald Cobblepot. After a while when production began, the director Matt Reeves confirmed that Farrell is portrayed as The Penguin.

Colin Farrell

Just after the first photos released, some more new images came out introducing Farrell with silver-white hair with his new mustache and due to this many people explained that it is his new style for the DC character Penguin. His mustache and white-silver hairs were a totally new appearance for him and never tried something like that before. Farrell always used to go with a clean shave in the live-action films. Due to this fact, many fans voted that he is got this new style for Matt Reeves 2021’s project.

However, later when Farrell got to know this, he clearly denied that his new hairstyle is not for his Penguin’s role in The Batman. But he agrees with his new look was adopted during the production of The Batman movie. Meanwhile, in his role in The Ellen Show, he had a brown color hairstyle, and after that prolonged filming project finished, he wanted to get something new look that could be simple as point a nail black or something else between.

He recently dyed his hair when his last production ended, but something went wrong with his dyed hair, and they kept shifting colors which left his hair in the silver-white color combination. During his shoot in The Batman, his hair was looking silver-white unintentionally due to some common dying issues. For now, he stated that his hairs are not related to his role in Reeves’s project, and he hasn’t even started his actual shoot for his role in the upcoming movie. According to him, he will begin his shooting in the forthcoming weeks or maybe after two weeks.

Though it might be true that Farrell is not lying and his statement for his new hairstyle indeed right, but his clarification is, honestly, a slight doubtful. It appears it is a preplanned appearance as Penguin by Colin but to keep everything secret he is making a bit of excuse like he had dyed his hair for the first time in his life. Even if we believe his statement, is it necessary to show up in the white-silver hair, especially at the time of the shooting? Humorously enough, The Batman 2021 is not a first DC film that has the hair dye-correlated debate on social sites.

Recently Joker introduced a shot in which the character Arthur Fleck was someway able to color his hair dark green even with no initial bleaching. That topic has still had some debates, and especially the women are likely to get more involved in the movie’s hot topics regarding the hairstyle issues. However, the Colin Farrell’s accidentally appearing in comic accurate silver-white hair does not seem to be a real accident, and it is more likely an excuse to cover down the topic by telling a weird story. The studio did not intend to post their filming images on social media, but The Batman set some social media users leaked pictures, and now many secret things are uncovered of the upcoming movie.

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